Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate and Social Responsibility is integral to City Maintenance London Ltd and the services we offer.  It is immensely important to the sustainability of our business and informs all our actions, at all times.

As an employer, client and neighbour we are committed to being a positive influence in the community where we operate and strive to maintain the highest standard of governance, safety, environmental performance and engagement with stakeholders including customers, employees, communities and suppliers. 

Our most significant CSR related issues are:

It is imperative and always at the forefront of our decisions to limit where ever possible the impact of our operations.  We are mindful that our decisions and actions impact upon today’s communities and also the communities of the future.

As a forward thinking company we endeavour to obtain feedback from our stakeholders to ensure that our relationships are strong.  We take on board the fact that our customers, employees, communities and suppliers depend on us for services and employment, however, their feedback is invaluable as we endeavour to maintain the highest possible standards of service and to operate as a good company.


City Maintenance