Environmental Policy

We are committed to minimising, as far as reasonably possible, the adverse environmental impact of our business and to maximise any opportunities to enhance the environment. The Company will comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

We aim to achieve the most economical use of all materials and supplies, using renewable or recyclable materials and products wherever possible and purchasing environmentally sustainable goods and services as far as is practicable. We aim to achieve energy efficiency, and manage energy wisely in all our operations and be efficient in our use of natural resources.

We aim to minimise the amount of waste, and encourage the recycling and or re-use of waste wherever possible. We will provide Waste Transfer notes confirming the final destination of landfill when requested.

We aim to minimise the use of hazardous chemicals wherever possible. We have implemented a transport strategy so that site visits are done in the most economically viable manner with a view to minimising vehicle movements and thus reducing Co2 emissions.

We aim to ensure that environmental issues are always incorporated in our training programmes, while encouraging our staff to adopt sound environmental practices. We recognise that these initiatives are not exhaustive and over time we will be aiming to identify further ways for improvement.

City Maintenance