Health & Safety

At City Maintenance we take our social, environmental and personal responsibilities very seriously. This of course includes our Health & Safety policy. In all tasks our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, our clients and all those who could be affected by our actions.

As the type of work we carry out is varied and extremely specialised, after consultation with health and safety specialists, we decided not to go with a standard “off the peg” policy but to set up and implement our own bespoke Health & Safety policy.
Built around the HSE HSG65 model, our Health & Safety policy operates under similar principals to the management of any other successful part of our business. So our Health & Safety policy does not just reduce the incidence of injuries. It also results in a more productive workforce, fewer personal injury claims and cost savings by reducing damage to equipment and minimising wastage.

However, at City Maintenance we understand that safety does not just happen, it has to be systematically planned to ensure a safe system of work is in place at all times. So leadership in health and safety comes from the top and is seen as an important issue in the management of our company.

Our employees, however, understand that the ultimate responsibility rests primarily with those that actually create the risks. With that in mind our system has been framed accordingly to stimulate and encourage the highest standards of health and safety throughout our company.

Our on- going training, toolbox talks and auditing of our staff, alongside the planning, measuring, auditing and reviewing of our Health & Safety system, ensures that we do not become complacent. Rather, we continue to evolve and improve our Health & Safety systems to make sure we continue to be at forefront in our field.

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