Industrial and Commercial Pollution Prevention

City Maintenance can help you comply with The Environment Agency guidelines and best working practices.  In their publication  ‘Getting Your Site Right’ The Environment Agency highlights that to cause or allow pollution is against the law.  Magistrates can impose fines of up to £20,000 for offences and if it goes to Crown Court there is no limit on the fine.

Following the guidance not only reduces the chance of causing pollution, but also makes good business sense.  A good knowledge of all the drainage systems on your site is fundamental to prevent pollution.

The Environment Agency state that it is imperative that every manhole, drainage grill or gully on any commercial site is identified and labelled.

Action Points

Produce a comprehensive and up-to-date drainage plan of the complete site, which accurately identifies all drains.   If you do not have a drainage plan of your site the Environment Agency recommend using a reputable drainage company.

It is imperative that all drainage plans are checked before any new building work is carried out and that these plans should be updated to show any changes.

Drains should be identified clearly by colour coding all manhole covers, drainage grills and gullies, everyone should be made aware of colour coding system.

City Maintenance can help you comply with all of these recommendations.  Please contact us for more information.


Roof Cleaning

We offer our clients a full roof cleaning service. This includes clearing all debris from roofs and removal from site for disposal, in accordance with local authority regulations.

We will also clean and remove silt and debris from gutters and valley gutters.

All of our operatives are trained in the use of a Safety Harness & Lanyard.

City Maintenance